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Dr. Thomas Ferrigno is one of the country’s leading providers of spinal decompression therapy to treat severe back, neck, and sciatic pain and has provided chiropractic care for more than 29 years. His postgraduate training includes certifications as a Chiropractic Sports Practitioner and a Qualified Medical Examiner for the State of California.

He was first inspired to become a chiropractor after he injured his back while studying at the University of San Francisco as an undergrad. Chiropractic care made such big difference in his recovery that he decided to pursue it as a profession.

Years later, a subsequent disc injury left him with impaired function in one leg and ongoing difficulty and pain that normal chiropractic treatment could not solve. He searched for solutions. Finally, he found spinal decompression therapy—something that gave him immense relief by gently stretching his injured discs so that they could heal, and he could resume his normal activities and get back to work.

At that point, he chose to take a 180-degree turn in his career. He decided to sell his sports injury centers and dedicate his practice to helping patients like him who suffered from severe or even crippling pain related to underlying disc issues.

Today, most of his patients who come to him have already tried conventional treatments like medication, physical therapy, and injections without success. Surgery would generally be their next option, but Dr. Ferrigno developed an alternative. He developed a unique six to eight-week “Disc Restoration Therapy” program that combines the most advanced spinal decompression therapy with cold laser treatment, chiropractic, and rehabilitation protocols. The cornerstone of Dr. Ferrigno’s approach is that he takes the time to educate his patients about their conditions so that they can fully participate in the treatment and learn how to maintain their spinal health over the long term.


A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Dr. Ferrigno is an avid fan of the Giants, the 49ers, and the Golden State Warriors. He loves athletics and occasionally enjoys playing racquetball, baseball, and basketball. These days he mostly likes to play golf and lifts weights, making sure to follow his own recommendations about staying active and fit.


Dr. Thomas Ferrigno studied physical education at the University of San Francisco, moving on to receive a Doctor of Chiropractic at the Palmer College of Chiropractic West, the first and largest college of chiropractic. Committed to continuing education, Dr. Ferrigno has earned certification as a Chiropractic Sports Practitioner and a Qualified Medical Examiner, as well as a National Certification in Spinal Decompression. He is also a board member of the International Advisory Board on Spinal Decompression.


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