Ben H.

I have made a remarkable recovery from a disabling back problem through my treatments with Bay Area Disc Centers on the DRX-9000.

I have had two severe episodes of back pain. The first was in 1989 and the second was in 2005. In both instances I was close to immobilized with severe nerve pain in my lower back and left leg, especially my left thigh. I slowly and partially recovered from the 1989 back injury over the course of many months, through forced (painful) walking and some physical therapy (back massage) and exercises. Years later, my left leg often felt tense and most of my reflexive response in my left leg was gone.

In the summer of 2005, when my back went out again, I couldn’t even lie in bed without almost constant pain. I used the few moments when the pain subsided somewhat to try to rest up, so as to be able to make it through the rest of the time. My reflexes in my left leg were completely gone.

After a month, I had recovered somewhat and had learned how to manage the pain to a certain extent. I could manage getting around in the house a little bit.

My wife found an ad for the DRX-9000 in the newspaper and looked it up on the web. We read the published report on the clinical test of the DRX-9000. This convinced us that it was a viable possibility for helping me so I decided to try it. My first foray out of the house was to visit Bay Area Disc Centers for a consultation. My wife drove me to the office. The doctor examined me, did some in-office tests, and sent me for an MRI.

The MRI confirmed that my spinal cord was being impinged upon. The doctor’s recommended a regimen of 24 DRX-9000 treatments over an 8 week period. They used his knowledge to adjust the DRX-9000 treatments to my particular situation, as shown by the MRI and his examination. At first the treatments were a challenge to my back muscles, leaving them temporarily sore. But, even at the beginning, it was apparent to me that the nerve pain in my back and leg was decreasing. I gauged my progress though observing my increased level of reasonably comfortable activity and my decreased need of aspirin and Tylenol. I made steady progress, and at the end of the 24 treatments, I was free of nerve pain. The redo of the nerve signal test showed great improvement and reasonably normal results. My reflexes in my left leg are now better than they were immediately before this 2005 back problem.

Even so, at the end of the 24 treatments my left leg was still weak and occasionally I experienced tension in my lower back and left leg that felt threatening. I have been doing a series of exercises prescribed by Bay Area Disc Centers and the strength in my left leg is almost completely restored. Moreover, my stomach and back muscles are getting stronger as evidenced by my being able to do the more advanced exercises. I also take one treatment on the DRX-9000 per month. As directed by Bay Area Disc Centers, I am conscious of my posture at all times and try to avoid all strains on my back.

At this point I am 100% cured of severe back pain. The only remaining effect of my disabling back episode is that my left leg is sometimes not as relaxed as my right leg. I’ve returned to my regular work schedule, and I am driving an hour each way to and from work, five days a week. Under Bay Area Disc Centers ‘s care, with the use of the DRX-9000, I feel I have recuperated much more successfully than I did when I was sixteen years younger, and I am quite hopeful of avoiding further severe problems.

Linda Sue O.

My first serious neck pain occurred in 1990. Too many consecutive rides on The Demon rollercoaster at Great America caused bad headaches, nausea, and severe neck pain. That was when I learned that my neck is curved the wrong way, which had probably been there a long time. I sought chiropractic care at that time as an alternative to pain medication. After adjustments, my headache would go away immediately! Poor posture at the computer terminal for too many hours would make my neck go out of alignment, and the headaches would return. But they’d always go away instantly after an adjustment.

I had been away from chiropractic for 8 years, due to a change in insurance. Of course my neck pain got worse over time. I was beginning to worry about just how much degeneration was going on. I asked my primary health care doctor to take another x-ray in 2008, but she just shrugged it off and said, “You don’t really want to know, do you?” I thought, “Yes, as a matter of fact, I do!” The first and only x-ray they have on file is from 1990. I knew that I needed to take my spinal care into my own hands and seek chiropractic care once again.

Luckily, I found Bay Area Disc Centers. The staff here is very caring and wonderful. Technology has advanced and the DRX9000C is truly amazing. My neck pain has lessened by at least a factor of 4 over the last 8 months. I feel like I’ve been given a new neck! No, it’s not perfect; it never will be. But it feels better than it did before the rollercoaster incident.

Dr. Ferrigno has even shared his expert knowledge on other health issues. I trained on many long hikes to prepare for a Half Dome hike in June 2009. Some knee and foot issues popped up, and his advice was invaluable. My neck, spine, and hips were good to go, and I succeeded. Many thanks to the wonderful staff here at Bay Area Disc Centers!

Masao M.

Hi, my name is Masao Mori, I am 94 years old and last May I had a herniated disk and awful pain. I finally came to Bay Area Disc Centers and Dr. Ferrigno and staff helped me. Last week, on January 24th, I went out to play golf for the first time and I feel fine now, no pain. I thank Dr. Ferrignoand Bay Area Disc Centers for this wonderful treatment.

Mike F.

Since I’ve been coming here and having treatment on the DRX9000, my back pain is gone. When I first came to the office, I could barely walk. They got me pretty much back to normal now. I’m feelin’ good! I come in once every other month for maintenance, and that’s about it. I highly recommend it!

Phil M.

I came to Bay Area Disc Centers in December. Since I started the DRX spinal decompression program, I am feeling fantastic! I came in with constant pain and I was told that my only option was surgery. I decided to try the spinal decompression program and I experienced incredible results! My pain was greatly reduced! I also took advantage of THE SKINNY UP program and lost over 27 lbs in only 40 days. Overall my experience with Dr. Ferrigno and the staff here at Bay Area Disc Centers has been a wonderful one. I recommend this to anybody.

Allen H.

Eight years ago I had lower back surgery. Everything was going well until I started taking care of my mother full time. All the lifting, carrying, twisting, and bending in awkward positions, as well as the stress that comes with being a full time care-giver, took its toll on my back. I was in discomfort, sometimes real pain, most of the time, and my lower legs and feet were constantly numb. A good night’s sleep was impossible and sitting for any extended period of time was very uncomfortable.

Nature photography is my main hobby. In order to get the best shots I have to drive to the location, and this was difficult. Once there I have to hike, often up and down hills, and usually for miles, but this had become painful. It had reached the point where I couldn’t get out and do the thing I loved to do most. Then one morning while reading the paper I saw an ad for Bay Area Disc Centers. I called and took them up on the complimentary evaluation. First impressions are important to me, and my first impression of them was that of courtesy, caring, and professionalism. Everything was explained simply and clearly. I needed help and this seemed like the place to get it. After my first three treatments, I noticed a positive difference. After completing the first half, the pain was barely noticeable and I had feeling back in my lower legs and feet.

Recently, I was able to spend a week in Yosemite National Park, one of my all time favorite places. While there, I was able to ride my bike for hours without any pain. I was also able to hike over 25 miles, most of it either up or down hills. The only problem I experienced was that of being out of shape. It was Dr. Ferrigno that made it possible for me to get out in nature and do what I love to do once again.

The thing is, I’m not done yet. I still have four more sessions to go… and I feel great.

Charles S.

For over 20 years I suffered with Sciatica pain. I tried several different methods to treat this problem but left without success. After reading the full page ad in the Daily Journal Newspaper about Dr. Ferrigno and his method of treating Sciatica, I took a chance in hopes of finding any kind of relief. After the series of 24 Decompression Sessions, I can say that I have finally been relieved of the pain. Knowing the success I have had I would thoroughly recommend this type of treatment to anyone that is dealing with Sciatica problems.

Thank you, Dr. Ferrigno and Bay Area Disc Centers.

Charles A.

For years I have had severe back pain due to herniated and bulging discs and sciatica pain. The pain at times was unbearable. I’ve seen several doctors, chiropractors, but still couldn’t get relief from the pain, even with the meds.

Surgery was advised by my primary doctor. I saw the advertisement in the daily paper about the DRX9000, and was very interested in this treatment since it didn’t involve any surgery. I went in for the initial exam and Dr. Ferrigno explained in detail the process of the DRX9000. Since having treatment, the pain has been reduced dramatically. I am very happy with the treatment and can walk, golf, and do things that I haven’t been able to do in years!

I would also like to say thanks to Dr. Ferrigno and the office staff; they went above and beyond to make sure my back problem was resolved. I couldn’t be happier!!

Gloria M.

One day in June 2009, I woke up with severe back pain after a day of gardening in the yard. This started a series of doctor visits, three MRIs, a CT scan followed by different types of treatments including physical therapy, Cortisone shots, and acupuncture sessions.

Since none of these treatments gave me any relief for my back pain, a new doctor recommended I either have back surgery or a series of Epidural steroid treatments. I opted for the latter. After three treatments and no relief they told me there was nothing they could do for me.

Then I heard about Bay Area Disc Centers in June 2010. After the initial meeting, I immediately began treatment and I felt the results after the very first treatment on the DRX.

Today I am fine and know that I can always go back to Dr. Ferrigno for treatment if anything happens. I feel great.